Equity Investments in Agri-tech and Green-tech

  • Britain's only investor-led crowdfunding platform specialising in Green-tech and Agri-tech
  • Giving investors access to highly vetted investment opportunities
  • Access to seed funds and funds for further investment opportunities

Yuno will deploy a novel equity based crowd-funding platform to work alongside seed investment funds for early stage investments in Green-tech and Agri-tech technologies. All investment opportunities showcased on the Yuno platform will be lead by professional investors and Yuno's associated direct investment.

In addition, Yuno will be closely linked to number of larger international investment funds including the Low Carbon Innovation Fund and Adapt Cocoon Equity providing access to follow-on investment opportunities.

To drive the development of new technologies, access to finance is essential, and Yuno will offer an opportunity for early stage, innovative companies and technologies to raise the investment required to grow and expand. The novel crowdfunding element of Yuno gives investors access to a wide range of highly vetted investment opportunities, each lead by a professional investor, angel or HNW individual.

Operated from the University of East Anglia at the Norwich Research Park, Yuno is in a unique position to access early stage technology and research ripe for commercialisation. Although Yuno adopts an inclusive definition of Green-tech and Agri-tech the following sectors will be the focus for the Yuno platform:

  • Improved Energy Efficiency and Generation
  • Water and Soil Management
  • Air Pollution Technology
  • Waste Management
  • Food Production and Food Safety
  • Sustainable Intensification Technology
  • Automation and Sensor Technology

Yuno will launch in 2017, interested parties should get in contact through the contact details below.